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My art continues to explore and confront the intensely exhilarating feelings found in personal experiences, past and present. I am also striving to delve into a deeper connection to, and awareness of nature, and more fundamentally, into a visualization of the energies in life itself.

Light, color, and texture are important elements used to capture nature's spiritual essence and energy. Expressive brush strokes and layers of paint create movement and an orderly, yet dynamic symphony.

I strive to convey an awareness of life, death, and spirituality that is beyond representation.

Cindi Schmitt


Over the years, I have achieved a balance between my fine art and graphic design work. These two have come together in art prints from my original pen and ink drawings. My surrealistic images are developed in a style I call "Quantum Drawing." The result is a composition where subjects flow together while simultaneously forming larger concepts and expanding into the imagination.

When a painting is listed "with Objects," this means that I have attached custom-shaped materials to the surface of the canvas in the process of painting. I continue using this original means of expression by merging my quantum composition with dimensional elements.

Mark Del Balso

All Rights Reserved. Please do not duplicate any art without written consent.
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